Monday, June 11, 2012

All About the Blues

I stole someone's beads recently.

Yup, just me and Katniss, hauling ass to snag the best stuff.

I got these fantastic tagua nut slices from Nature Beads. I felt kinda bad buying them, because I found them in my Etsy Circles, which means someone else hearted them and then I STOLE THEM. I'm so mean. But, I was reassured that Nature Beads relisted them, so I'm not entirely horrible. : )

I always feel torn about that Circles thing. I mean, if someone hearts it, that means they want it. But then the Circles encourage you to take it from them.

It feels like that terrible holiday gift exchange game where you can steal gifts people before you opened, so you sit there with your good gift trying to look as inconspicuous as possible and praying people forgot you opened the present with the big bottle of Belvedere vodka.

Apparently I have holiday gift exchange PTSD, people.

Anyway, here are the goods:

Look how pretty they are - I couldn't help myself!


  1. Actually, I heart stuff in my circles just because I really like them. Yeah, I'd like to have them, but (usuall) I can't so I don't mind someone else getting them. They should go to a loving home, don't you think?

  2. Oh, yeah. Gorgeous is right. I love those tagua beads (all of them) and don't have any. Poor me. What are you going to make with them???

  3. Those beads are fabulous! Oh, and i feel torn about circles too...therefore, I choose to sit in the corner by myself :(

  4. Yes, don't feel bad at all. I heart stuff all the time, but that's just like LINKING a facebook status. I don't want it to come home with me, I just thought it was funny, insightful, spoke to my soul, etc. Usually, I heart things on Etsy so that other people can see those items too. See. . .doesn't that make you feel better. Someone in your circle possibly liked them just so they could find their way into your home!

  5. I'm with CraftyHope!
    Most things that I heart I dont intend on buying, its so that other people can find the greatness, I know full well if I dont snatch something up I very well may miss out on it, so if I really want something - I buy it! Also, when I heart an item it reminds me what I liked at a particular shop without having to look through everything. Dont feel bad!!