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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister & Seattle Beads

My sister has invited me to be her +1 this weekend at her friend's wedding in Seattle. Gee, one of my favorite cities, with my awesome sister, a wedding (I love weddings - dancing! champagne!), and fun? Twist my arm!


I think, however, that when my sister told me, "whatever bead stores you want to go to is cool by me" she didn't know quite what she was getting in to.


So far I have our trip planned with military precisions

I have it narrowed down to three bead stores on Saturday (including Fusion beads, holla!). And Pike's Place Market + bead store on Sunday. She's a foodie and an AWESOME cook & baker, so I'm excited to show her Pike's.

I guess this May's theme is beady excusions, isn't it!


  1. that is damned lucky.
    fusion beads!? ugh. so jealous.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, have fun!

  3. If I paid the extra baggage charge, could I stowaway in your luggage?

  4. My first thought was of bead stores in the area too, and little boutiques with handmade jewelry...have fun Amy!

  5. I've always thought Shipwreack Beads was THE place to go in Seattle. Is that not so?!? I have convinced my DH to take me there sometime on a bead trip, but now I am hearing Fusion is THE place to go?!? Please, tell me! Now I DO know the places to go in Phoenix, AZ, but please tell me about Seattle!!!

  6. So next time you are up this way, you let me know and we can go together :) I'm lucky enough that I get to live here.
    You'll have to check out gargoyle. It's not far from Fusion, in the same neighborhood, Fremont. It is filled with fun and eclectic offerings.
    Shipwreck is also a mecca, but it is about 50 miles south of the city in Lacey, WA. It's a drive and worth it but it is so overwhelming, at least to me. maybe with a buddy it would be better :)


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