Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm putting this necklace in time out

I made this necklace for ME this weekend. Pretty, isn't it!

One tiny problem, though.

It doesn't work AT ALL around an actual human neck. Flat on paper getting it's picture taken? Very well behaved. Around a neck, it's a barrel full of ... meh.

Here are the charges against it:

Meh #1:  That clasp does not work at all. The rest of the piece works, all round and circle-y, and then you jarringly get to a clasp that is too small, too bright and not round at all.

Meh #2:  The length doesn't work. It's just long enough to keep slipping beneath necklines of shirts, which is annoying.

Meh #3:  The discs along the back look awkward on my neck, and the other discs don't sit right when it's being worn.

So, it's back to the drawing board. I have a few ideas for it - I'll keep you posted.


  1. I've had necklaces like that. I think that perhaps taking some of the discs out might help the length, and you may have to introduce some play in the strand. I think you could use one of those big clasps I bought at the last bead show! LOL! I DO really love the necklace though! It's one of those that I would wear and wear and wear once I got the fit issue down. It's so classic yet has a TON of style. I specifically love how each of those round beads is different. I would not have thought of that! Are they stones or glass? I can't wait to see if finished!

  2. You crack me up. Hopefully the rehabilitation of the necklace goes well. The beads are really pretty though. Looking forward to seeing it once it gets out on bail :-)

  3. Glad you shared that! I have so many 'meh' pieces lying about! I should really have a do-over party of my own! And those round beads - Harold Cooney, right? Those are pretty special. I look forward to seeing what you do with this!
    Enjoy the day.

  4. Hi Amy,
    It is a beautiful necklace and it is a shame that it would just not behave. I am pretty sure after a few tweaks here and there it will be the best behave necklace you have. Those big round beads are gorgeous!

  5. Those beads are so pretty -- what about doing a wire-wrap linkage for the necklace, let them have some space between them?