Monday, April 25, 2011

Bubble Envelopes!

Oh, bubble envelopes and tiny boxes, how I love you!

Because you contain...

sparkly plummy ribbed goodness!!!! from Fire n Sand

orangy silvered goodness!

baby blue silvered goodness!

purpley and green ribbed goodness!

and these lovely beads (these and the three above from Blu Dragonfly)
I loved these beads from afar, but I was too afar because someone BOUGHT them right out from under my nose! Egads! So I asked Blu to please make me another set pretty please with sugar on top, and they were so nice and said yes. And now they are on my bead bench with their purpley green disky goodness. Whew! Beady I-want-it-noooooowwwww crisis averted!


Who is the winner of these lovely beads and goodies?

Christine at Sweet Girl Designs!! Congrats Christine!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giveaway extended

I forgot that the easter bunny is visiting on Sunday, and I plan to be in a jelly bean and chocolate bunny ears (the best part, of course) induced coma by lunchtime.

So I'm extending the giveaway to end on 4/24, and I'll draw a lucky winner on Monday.

Hop to it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yeah, I'm gonna blame stress.

or PMS.

or the weather.

or being tired and lulled into an online shopping haze by cobb salad.

I spend waaaaaay too much money on beads today.

I may need a bead-tervenation

Those monkeys will be me for the next month. No beads to see *eyes covered* lalalalala can't hear you beads *ears covered* mffurmmfh *mouth covered*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



My name is Amy.

I'm a 36 year old married attorney.  I have student loans. A 401k. A mortgage.

My BMI is too high.

I have forehead wrinkles. And my gray hairs are starting to arrive in groups.

I wear flats.  I own 8.2 pairs of boring black pants.

I "commute," "teleconference" and "mitigate."

And I freakin' love Ke$ha.

Young at heart much?

Bead Habit

I soooooo have a "bead type"



raku  and/or


from Davinia


(or sometimes a variation of all of them!)

What is YOUR bead type?

Don't forget about the giveaway HERE

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We interrupt beads for this important message

Baby basils from the farmers market I planted today

More bracelets!

The giveaway is here

Check out this collage of new bracelets I made!

New project!

If you are here for the giveaway, scroll on down!

Halfway through reading a new bead magazine this afternoon, I got hit with the best kind of thunderbolt. The "hey, wouldn't that be a cool idea" thunderbolt!

So I dug out the polymer clay stuff, and voila! Very organic, colorful squiggle beads. These should be in the Copper Diem shop in the next week or so.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Give it away, give it away, give it away, now

After a long break, here is a new beady giveaway!

Check out this haul! There are little beads, and big beads, and findings, ceramic charms, and cute recycled glass fish! Lucky you!

How do you get in on this action? Follow me, and leave me a comment letting me know you follow me. If you already follow me, then comment to let me know. Share this giveaway via your blog and you get an extra entry (again, comment to let me know). Giveaway is open until April 23, I'll draw a name on April 24.

Gooooood luck!

New necklaces and a SALE!

A collage of new necklaces

And, I'm offering 30% off in my shop until April 29 for Mother's Day! Use coupon MOTHER.

Ribbed Beads!

You should be seeing a theme soon in my bead porn - ribbed beads. I just can't get enough.

Check these out from Flame on Glass

love these purple shades

like the ocean!


And these gorgeous purple ribbed beads from Canyon Echoes  

Monday, April 11, 2011

CM Vision shop

I found a new shop I can't wait to buy from! Check out these neat goodies from CM Vision

They have tons of unique charms, filigree, and other neat findings!