Monday, September 26, 2011

Wish List Monday

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Here is what I'm wishing for this week...

Cool square copper chain

cool pink beads

cute lantern cards

colorful tagua rings

Your turn!

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Drop me a comment if you play along so I can check out your wish list, too!

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  1. is it wrong that i want to pop those pink beads in my mouth and suck on them?!

  2. Great list!! I really like the copper chain and love the tagua rings...they are great colors!

    My wish list is up if you want to see...

  3. Love that copper chain Amy, and the pink beads are very pretty!

  4. Love the copper chain & beautiful pink beads!

  5. You find the best stuff! I've bought from Yuki before and never saw the great tagua beads! Thanks for doing all the 'legwork' for me!

  6. Those lantern cards look like Lori Anderson's website. Cute! I love that square chain too. And the tagua nuts & the pink beads, too. I think I'll just copy your whole post and paste it into my blog! HA! No, I won't (but I could so do it!).