Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello, Fall! Hello? Hello!?!

What? What's that you say? You say there is a GIVEAWAY? Ok, I'll head to yesterday!*


I'm ready, Fall.

You hear me? I'M READY

I bought this stuff, 'cause I'm ready for Fall now. No more hot weather, m-kay? Pinky swear? Hello?!?!

Sweaters from Old Navy

 Cutie Patootie Converse in gray and brown from


*Why, yes, that was Shel-esque. Now hustle your hiney over there to enter to get these adorable birdie beads for free!


  1. I am a chuck fanatic (have 8 pairs) I love those shoes! The one thing I do like about fall is snuggling down in an awesome sweater - those are awesome, i am just not ready to let go of sir not at all

  2. Love the sweaters! I'm ready for fall, too. I have enough sweaters to wear one a day for a month and not wear the same one twice (and then some). You'd never know by looking at my closet that I live in the middle of a dry, hot desert with over 150 days of temps reaching over 100! I must by psycho! :)

  3. *LOVE* the sweaters! lovelovelove!

    I can't believe it, but it is actually in the 60s here~ on October 1st! I'm so excited I could run up and down the street wearing nothing but my favorite leather jacket.

    And maybe some boots.....


  4. Great sweaters & shoes to start off the season right! I love fall & all the colors that go with it!!

  5. Oh yes.... FALL!! We're actually starting to feel a little fall weather here in South Alabama (you know, upper 70s)
    I love that brown sweater. Hmmmmmm. I may need a trip to Old Navy before too long!
    As well, I have those grey converse and love them! I went in to get black ones and then looked at the brown ones, but finally settled on the grey ones because they are absolutely neutral for all colors!!
    thanks for sharing!!

  6. We already have fall weather here in Wisconsin. I can send some over your way! :) I bought new boots last year and am excited to start wearing them again.