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Monday, June 13, 2011

Juls Beads Addiction

Oh, no I di-ent (Jerry Springer translation: Oh, no I did not)

Oh, yes I di-ed (Jerry Springer translation: Oh, yes I did)

Oh, Visa. I'm so sorry to abuse you in this way.

I need to check into beadhab

Beads from the lovely and talented Ms. Juls


  1. Beadhab...LMBO!

    But...but.. WHOLESALE PRICING.

    You *had* to do it!

    Check your package for a little sumthin' sumthin' extra~ I'm sure if you show it to your Visa all will be forgiven. ;~)

    hugs, and thanks for the promo!

  2. awesome. going to check out her shop now!

  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'll share with you!!! I was thinking that I'd buy it myself if I could split it. I can't believe I didn't think of you're addicted self immediately! Glad you're feeling better and you're back to your card-abusing self. :)

  4. Lucky, lucky you!!!!! Very envious - my funds are totally tapped right now or I would have snapped one of those right up. :)

  5. JEALOUS!!!!! AND a little sumthin' to make your visa forgive you? That's it I am uniting the Bead Ninja's and we are soooooo raiding your stash! :0

  6. Hahahaha I was hearing Andy Cohen - the Housewives producer! hahaha Oh yes you did! SO sorry Visa for your loss Hahahaha!

  7. Good for you! Her stuff is AMAZING and I love reading her blog...SO hilarious.

  8. ROFL that sounds way too much like something I might do!

  9. Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I've drooled over those since I first saw Juls list them but no budget (and not much bead work for that matter). So happy you scored! They sure are awesome!

  10. sorry for your Visa's pain, but it saved mine, ;P You can't go wrong w/ Juls!


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