Monday, June 20, 2011

Gaea + Brea Bead Works

Not that I want to share, because I am a shameless bead hoarder and bead shopping addict (Hello bead hoarder and bead shopping addicts anonymous, my name is Amy...)

But check this out, everybody:

Gaea is having a trunk show at Brea Bead Works the first weekend of July, July 1-4.



I got both these sets from her Etsy shop

I'll wait for you to stop jumping up and down and clapping like I did. Ready? Okay.

So if you are in the Orange County, California area (I'm lookin' at you, Silver Parrot), I'll arm wrestle you for some beads at the trunk show. Be very afraid - I'm training right now by lifting a wine glass repeatedly.


  1. I'm sending the bead police your way...but they're way understaffed, due to the exceedingly large population of bead hoarders! Wish I lived closer, I'd come wrestle with ya. Those are some luscious beads!

  2. Hi Amy, i am a huge Gaea fan, i just love her cute creative beads & focals, i have several sets waiting to be created into something wonderful for my festival in July. Gaea also has some fabu creations in the summer issue of "Stringing" I sure wish i live closer i would definatly check it out!!
    ttfn Lana

  3. Oh, yeah, you NEED to go to that sale. Just really really need to. Can't wait to see who wins the arm wrestling match.