Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


That paint chip mobile below. So cool!

Ginger flavored vodka + lemonade. Mmmmmm

Ginger flavored vodka + Mike's Hard Lemonade. A more slurry version of Mmmmmmmm
Naps (see cocktails above)
The sounds of wind chimes
When the radio plays a bunch of songs in a row you LOVE!

mobile made from paint chips from Pinterest.
Am I the only one that thinks this would work amazing on a smaller scale for jewelry?!?


Getting caught rocking out to Katy Perry in the car by other drivers

MORE awkward - going under a bridge rocking out to Katy, thereby causing the satellite radio to be interrupted and go silent, thereby filling the small car with my Very Loud singing, thereby AGAIN evidencing that I absolutely cannot carry a tune.

Trying to multitask and read a magazine while watching Pop Up Video reruns on VH1. Doesn't work.

Starting to drink your drink after a toast without realizing you have not clinked with someone who is intent on clinking with you. Insert awkward clinky start-stop movements and awkward "oh did I forget you" and "oh were you going to sip" smiles.

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  1. mmm your cocktail sounds amazing, I will have to try it! What else can you do with ginger vodka before I buy a huge bottle?

  2. Yes, the Ginger Vodka does sound amazing! Mixed with rootbeer? Ginger Ale? Orangina! Oh wow, I'm going to have to get some - who makes it?

    And that paint chip mobile is so sweet - how are you going to make that work for jewelry? With beads? With ICE Resined paint chips?

  3. This is extra funny - why does it seem like you talk about me?