Monday, April 25, 2011

Bubble Envelopes!

Oh, bubble envelopes and tiny boxes, how I love you!

Because you contain...

sparkly plummy ribbed goodness!!!! from Fire n Sand

orangy silvered goodness!

baby blue silvered goodness!

purpley and green ribbed goodness!

and these lovely beads (these and the three above from Blu Dragonfly)
I loved these beads from afar, but I was too afar because someone BOUGHT them right out from under my nose! Egads! So I asked Blu to please make me another set pretty please with sugar on top, and they were so nice and said yes. And now they are on my bead bench with their purpley green disky goodness. Whew! Beady I-want-it-noooooowwwww crisis averted!


  1. Hi Amy, don't you hate when that happens, i've had things in my cart on Etsy waiting for payday and come to find someone else beat me to them lucky for you they made some more, can't wait to see what you create ttfn L:)

  2. Hey now I am starting to think you need a visit from the Bead Ninjas! We covet pretty shiny things and I am sure your stash will satisfy any craving! LOVE (inaudible grumble) LOVE LOVE!

  3. I think maybe my new occupation should be to stalk your mail person. When one of those envelopes is about to go in your mailbox, I'll appropriate it. It would be for a good cause and you'll never miss those shipments. What do you think? Good idea. Do you have a nice friendly mail person who would be co-conspirator? I'm so ready for my new job. You have awesomely good taste. We can work with whatever you order (we meaning me & the mail person). Ah, well. Tomorrow's my b'day and I can just dream today!