Monday, April 27, 2015

Lovely Letters Swap!

This month I participated in a very fun swap called Lovely Letters

I was paired with a super sweet lady, Melissa, and the theme was colorful. Look at the goodies she sent in her package - she knows me perfectly! Lavender soap, scrapbook dots, handmade tags, handmade magnet clips and wonderful handmade paper beads! 

Melissa has an Etsy shop where she sells the most wonderful handmade paper 3D box cards - you NEED to check them out! Look at the card she made me!

And her packaging for the treats was amazing! I was so spoiled!

Thank you Melissa for the wonderful package! Check out her blog here

This month's Lovely Letter's theme is Favorites - go check it out and sign up! 

Pocket Letter Love

I've learned about a NEW hobby that is making paper- and mail-loving people a little crazy-happy.

Pocket letters! You can find out more about them here.

In a nutshell, you fill a nine-pocket baseball card holder with all kinds of paper goodies. The theme for this one was (obviously) red. I decorated scrapbook paper with washi, embellishments, a sequined star sticker, wood butterflies, an arrow paper clip and rubber stamps.

Work in progress

Then, in the back you put goodies! Stickers, tags, washi, post-its, embellishments, etc. In the very first square you put a letter to your swap buddy.

Then you fold it up, and stick it in an envelope (it will fit in a business size envelope!)

You can find swaps of these fun letters in Facebook groups, and online.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Postcards for EVERYONE!

It's POSTCARD day!

I stocked up on some new cards from Amazon 

And I had lots of cards to send out for and a few Swap-Bot swaps. I love love love postcards - sending them AND getting them! 

You can see from the back of the one that I take every opportunity I can to slap stickers on stuff too. 

Here's to happy mail!